Monday, October 12, 2009


Today's fresh celebrity is the Man On The Moon a.k.a. Kid Cudi!
This guy is one of the most fresh people in the game, he's got a unique dressing style, in my opinion he's one of the best freestylers (just look at DJ Enuff video with Cudi freestyling to get the idea).
So I wanted to dedicate this to Kanye West's new talent.

Age: 25
Occupation: Rapper
Born in: Cleveland, Ohio
Mostly know for: Freestyles, Mixtapes, Being Discovered by Kanye West, Day N Nite

Check it, This guy is the essence of dopeness, because everything he wears is like....rockin.
He rocks Louis Vuitton Dons, Air Yeezys and Bapes, and he also got dope outfits and jeans though: he's sponsored by one of my favorite brands called 10 Deep, which also sponsored his first mixtape "A Kid Named Cudi", so he is a fresh rapper rockin fresh clothes!

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